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What is sustainably sourced? What does thoughtful mean?

With the growing concerns in the supply chain industry, specifically sourced items that have an impact on the environment has become somewhat of a hot topic. Topics of palm oil, natural unaltered ingredients, and environmental impacts are more prevalent in every day discussions.

What is sustainably sourced? This is a nomenclature that resides with our ingredient lists, and a part of our motto. Sustainable, thoughtful, and quality ingredients. What does this mean? What does thoughtful mean?

This means that the ingredients that make up our products are not sourced in a way that will harm the environment. An example. Palm oil is a hot topic in that it damages environments for animals. However, the palm oil that we have sourced comes from sustainable providers, that cause no damage to environments or harm any animals.

What does thoughtful mean? We provide no fillers within any of our products, every ingredient is there for a reason, and is an ingredient we all consider "household" names.

When using our products you can be sure that we have taken sustainable, thoughtful, and quality very seriously and trust in that no harm has been caused.

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